Sex Done Well pt. 3: Exclusive In Devotion

A while back, I was considering a blog or some posts about sex and decided to go ahead when I found out two young women in our local church were recently asked or demanded over text for sexual pictures or acts (which is not uncommon for young ladies). A good friend asked me,"How will writing… Continue reading Sex Done Well pt. 3: Exclusive In Devotion

Power of Pacifiers

Love this guy. I am sharing the first blog of a young leader, Jacob Barnett, I had the privilege of spending a couple years working with.

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Power of Pacifiers

My son, Conri, is one year old today! What a year it’s been! He’s gone from a helpless little babe, covered in his daddy’s joyful tears as I held him for the first time, to the strapping young toddler he is today, covered in blackberries and a smile ear-to-ear as he feeds himself. He’s my favorite, to say the least, and I can’t imagine what life would be like for my wife Charissa and I without him. I’m one proud papa, and seeing him grow and learn and the curiosity he has for the world is astounding. I’m lost for words at the love I never knew I had inside of me and seeing or feeling it well up for my son is … inspiring. But one part of him that he hasn’t grown out of is his love of his pacifier.

One thing we found out…

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