A Bad Case of the “Uns”

Ever get a bad case of the "Uns"?   It's kind of like tummy problems, but for the mind.  If you ever get a case of the "uns", it expels all the healthy contents of your mind and heart. Every day we have situations and circumstances that can cause anger, sadness or fear but have… Continue reading A Bad Case of the “Uns”

Recipes of Life

Weaving the seriousness of life with laughter and delight is a necessary skill for sanity and life enjoyed.  I can be overly serious and tend to focus on heavy duty matters like #ATreeAboutMe and a #TreeOfLife but I also love to laugh. I learned from an early age how to be comedic relief in tense moments.  Why sit… Continue reading Recipes of Life

5 Dream Killers

To dream requires hope and freedom.  If we have lost hope that things can change, our present will always be imprisoned by our past experience and limitations. I have been meditating on 2 Corinthians 1:20 recently that says,  “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through… Continue reading 5 Dream Killers

Stop Fighting Alone

Would you rather fail alone or get help and succeed? The longer I live, the more it almost seems people would rather fail on their own than invite someone into their struggle for the possibility to succeed. "Whew, that was close! (as we stand in the midst of smoking embers of a complete crash and… Continue reading Stop Fighting Alone

Dream pt 3: To Love With All Your Mind

Your mind is a house that you get to choose the decor and condition of! A negative thought life is not result of a “God made me this way”. That's blame and not taking responsibility. A negative thought life is the result of a case of the “uns”.  Ugrateful, unbelieving, unforgiving, or unyielding. * These… Continue reading Dream pt 3: To Love With All Your Mind